March 26, 2019

Adetutu O.J: The Tribal Mark Lady That Is changing The face of Beauty

Adetutu O.J: The Tribal Mark Lady That Is changing The face of Beauty

One week ago, Adetutu O.J who hails from Ondo state went on her twitter page and expressed her willingness to model for American singer Rihanna’s modelling agency Fenty.

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Awkward it sounded, a taboo it may seem but fortunately on the 8th day of the quest she got a follow back from the Barbadian-born superstar. Adetutu who has suffered inferiority complex for most part of her life due to bullying and cultural stigmatization gradually built momentum as she expressed her desires to reeducate Nigerians and other Africans about the essence of traditional aesthetics and facial beauty.

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Adetutu mentioned about the discrepancies and words from people that pierced her confidence and often times left her tattered in mental defenestration and psychological torments. The father of her 9-years-old daughter even left her because of her tribal mark and this made her suicidal. Read her comments below:

One of the reasons the father of my child absconded was because of my tribal marks. He could not be with me in public and he only made us meet at night; we dated for some months in 2008 and I got pregnant in 2009. I bore a girl for him and she will be nine years old this year.

“I felt I was the ugliest girl in the world. I got fed up with relationships because men didn’t always want to go out with me during the day; they would prefer to be with me at night. There was a guy I dated for two years and that was the condition of the relationship, so I had to endure.

“My mum died when I was four years old, so I grew up with a single dad. When I got pregnant, I had to run away from home to a foundation that accommodated me.”

Nobody can describe the pain Adetutu felt, hence she had to define herself and build her personality from obscurity into an international mainstay. She came out from her closet in 2017 and decided to redefine modelling, she rapidly began to trend in no time because of her unconventional beauty, today she is giving ladies who feel inferior and intimidated hope.

See some of the ladies that are beginning to appreciate themselves simply because a lady made a choice.

Adetutu is gradually redefining the purpose of beauty, she strengthening other people and encouraging to live a life that they deserve to live rather than hide in the shadow of inferiority complex and fade away into obscurity. We hope her dreams and aspiration to model for Rihanna is achieved.

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