March 19, 2019

African Christians, how can you support Donald Trump? – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

African Christians, how can you support Donald Trump? – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

And so the great unlikely Christian crusader rode to victory on Wednesday.

Great because we have always known of him and unlikely because we have never actually known him to be Christianly or even a Christian for that matter. The evangelicals all over the world went into a frenzy of celebration. The church had finally decided the outcome of a presidential election in the ‘greatest’ country on earth. Permit my exaggerations. I am not so sure the church can claim putting him in the White House  and the ‘greatest’ country on Earth can’t  be one that is yet to have a female president; a feat that even Liberia accomplished.

The ‘greatest’ country on earth cannot be the one with thousands of people protesting on streets everywhere and screaming “Not my president” when even us here in Nigeria sat our black buttocks pretty at home after Bubu won.


The ‘greatest’ country on earth cannot be one that a black person still has to carry a placard saying that his life matters and people get angry at him for it. I think I have made my point about how I am not so sure of how great America is.
The informed ignorance of the Evangelicals, especially in Nigeria, is mind boggling. People have over the years bought this image of an impressive Billionaire that always wins (sigh…) and can spot success from a mile. Hence hires and fires. The celebrity status of the man who knows what it takes to be successful was bought hook, line, and sinker. People have even conferred super powers on him. But that is not my concern. We live in a world that people famous for nothing, in particular, earn a stupendous amount of money, how much more a billionaire that likes to be heard.

My concern is how Donald J Trump became a valiant Christian Crusader of Armageddon proportions. How on earth did Christians anoint this ‘saviour’? Why?
As a born again Christian that has been taught about righteousness all her Christian life, I feel like the brother of the prodigal son that returned after riotous living to a huge welcome party. Let me explain.
I cannot say ‘Fuck’ as a Christian.
If I ever allowed that into my daily vocabulary, I would not be considered  a ‘saved’ person.
I have never heard any of my pastors say ‘vagina’. If they are really under duress to speak of body parts, they would shyly say “Private Parts”.
But even after hearing Trump speak about “grabbing em by the pussies”, he still had the support of my pastors. They did not even condemn it. They shrugged it away. They did as though we could not allow this thing he said define him.
“Oh, it was so long ago.”

Trump has been an Orange for as long as we have known him. His speech and behaviour have been consistent over the decades. He is erratic and uncontrolled (forget that the fruits of the spirit include gentleness and self control)
For the purposes of portraying him as the Christian conservative republican, evangelicals pretended he was an apple. They dismissed known unchristianly behaviour as though it did not matter. All that mattered was he was to be used of God.

But Trump is still an orange.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

How did they change the rules for Trump?

Who gets a responsibility-free card for their actions in church?


Who can behave so brashly with so much controversy and still be embraced amongst brethren?

I know that according to scripture, we should always show love but hey, why did this love have to start and end with Trump?

Can I divorce two husbands and marry a third and still be the chosen one in church?

I want to beg Trump supporters, the pastors especially, spare us the sermons. I don’t want to hear how a person unqualified gets the job. After he gets the job, then what?
We are kind of in a similar mess because we waved capability away and replaced it with this messianic phantom knowledge… see where we are…

So Donald the Crusader is not what I expected for the great harbinger of faith and spirituality. To be honest, I imagined that someone that would bring Christianity back to the mainstream would be like that character Robert Duvall played in The Apostle. Someone spitting prophecies and scriptures and falling into trances… typical Crusader  kind of thing.
I won’t lie, I am not sure Donald can recite verses from the bible. Something about his vocabulary and articulation does not give room for ‘rhema’.

I never ever captured the essence of his presidential run. His rhetoric was grandiose and vague.
“Let’s make America great again.”
“It’s gonna be huge and bigly…”
“We will find the best people to take care of that… we won’t settle for less.”

I never saw a man with a heart determined to reinstate conservative values, his belief in party ideology was not convincing.
I only saw a man with one mission and it was not to bring back the Holy Grail.
It was to win.
He said whatever it would take to win.
As for his followers, it was never about anything he ever said.
His articulation did not matter. It was about who they perceived him to be and what they thought he represented. White supremacy and the gate opener to deep-seated xenophobia in the hearts of these people.
Religious beliefs were secondary. We all know that Trump is not religious (Save for the African Evangelicals that conferred on him an honorary born again status).

He could have said a million ‘grab em by the pussy’ and even had a sex tape released. Those that were determined to vote for him did not care.
The voting demography showed a chunk of his supporters were white; white evangelicals inclusive.
The pretense was religion. It had to be a pretense.
We all know that Trump is an orange.
A spring cannot spring forth both freshwater and brackish.
A bad tree cannot bear good fruits.
Trump is an orange and not an apple.
Before you block me and tell me that God can use anyone, remember that whoever he used, it was clearly stated what that person was prior to being used of God. There was no pretense. No calling an orange an apple.
Paul was a persecutor of Christians.
Rahab was a prostitute.
Call Trump who he is. A sexist, misogynistic, racist, unscrupulous man who is 70 but never even served his country.
God can use anyone you say but you also say that God can never use Clinton. God will use only who you say he will use.
Christians, speaking with both sides of their mouth.
This emergence of Trump as the president of America is an eye opener.
Live whatsoever life you want, he whom the church declares is a crusader is a crusader indeed.
Trump will surprise the conservatives.
He is unpredictable, unreliable and uncontrollable.
He will not play according to any script.
For this, I am glad he is president. The next 4 years will be the best real ‘reality’ show ever.
Congratulations America, entertainment toh bad!!!


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