Ake Festival promises five days of cultural immersion

Ake Festival promises five days of cultural immersion

The third edition of Ake Arts and Book Festival will take place at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto-Abeokuta, from 17-21 November, 2015.

AABF celebrates books and other interconnected facets of the arts. The festival features master classes and workshops in various aspects of performance art, visual art, drama, fashion, music, film, dance and writing.

Speaking to journalist at a press conference in Lagos, festival director Lola Shoneyin said the choice of the theme Engaging the Fringe was chosen to draw attention to areas of fiction that we don’t often focus on. “We like the grand literary fiction in Africa. We are a very superstitious and spiritual people. Why are we not seeing it in our literature? This just a way of bringing out those areas and giving those writers some attention,” she said.

Lol Shoneyin, Ake Festival Director
Lol Shoneyin, Ake Festival Director

The festival this year will also be exploring topics about African life and living in Africa in an honest, open and constructive way. The Ake Arts and Book Festival will once again host African writers, artists, filmmakers and thinkers from all over the world to advance on its goals to develop, promote and celebrate creativity on the African continent, on African turf. As such, the festival will showcase the very best of contemporary African literature, music, art, film and theatre. The festival will feature 8 book chats, 3 art exhibitions, 1 play, 2 in-depth interviews, school visits, 18 stimulating panel discussions, 3documentary screenings, 2 films screenings and a poetry performance event. In addition, the festival bookstore will be open to booksellers, book lovers, pupils and students who benefit from Governor’s grants.

Olaokun Soyinka
Dr Olaokun Soyinka

Renowned poet and writer, Professor Niyi Osundare will sit in conversation with author and editor, Kunle Ajibade. Dr Olaokun Soyinka will sit with Angolan writer and TV host Imanni Da Sylva and in a panel moderated by Kadaria Ahmed, Governor Nasir El-rufai will talk about Minding The Business of Africa with Howard French of the New York Times.

The festival film, The Man Who Mends Women is based on Dr. Denis Mukwege, winner of the Sakharov Prize in 2014. Dr. Mukwege is internationally known as the man who treated thousands of women after they were raped and brutalized during the twenty year conflict in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The screening will be followed by an interview session with the writer, Colette Braeckman and the director, Theirry Michel, hosted by Olaokun Soyinka. There will also be a screening Ramata, a movie about a woman in her fifties who decides to follow a young Ngor Ndong on a journey to Copacabana where she starts a new life. Three documentaries will be screened at Ake Festival 2015; Behind The Veil- a documentary that focuses on diversity issues in Nigeria, No Where To Run To:Climate Change and Nigeria’s Environmental Crisis. This documentary seeks to sensitize the general public and inspire stakeholders to support efforts to mitigate potential environmental crisis. ROLLING DOLLAR: A LEGEND UNPLUGGED celebrates the music legend, Fatai Rolling Dollar.

The full Ake festival programme can be viewed here.

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