Alter Ego Private Atelier: Fine Art Of Luxury Living

Alter Ego Private Atelier: Fine Art Of Luxury Living

Wale Olaiya is a highflying executive who loves to live the good life. A few months ago he went in search of rare statement interior designs for his new home in Asokoro. It seemed like a futile search, he couldn’t get the kind of pieces he loved. A friend would later introduce him to the new Alter Ego Private Atelier where he could pre-order world-renowned Italian style furniture with a touch of tailor-made interpretations.

If you are a lover of comfort, aesthetics and rare statement pieces, Alter Ego Private Atelier is the right place that offers world-renowned Italian style with a touch of tailor-made interpretations, for you.  It is an ultimate response to sophisticated lifestyle and bespoke luxury solutions.

Alter Ego Private Atelier caters to every aspect of luxury lifestyle through tailor-made services. “Alter Ego Private Atelier delivers top-of-the-range expertise in interior design & decoration and exclusive travel accessories. Luxury interior design is linked up with unique art objects and outstanding decorative pieces. It has a lot in common with the conception of ALTEREGO Milano artcase, which is the work of art in its own right. The interior décor and the artcases presented at Alter Ego Private Atelier are truly exclusive bespoke luxury items,” explains Julia D.  Lantieri, CEO, Alter Ego Project Group.

Timeless Italian craftsmanship is one of the hallmarks of luxury living. Connoisseurs of rare patterns of Italian furniture appreciate the style-mastering heritage merged with state-of-the-art innovations of the artisans.

“The best of Italian luxury is now available in Africa. We are very proud and happy to make it happen finally. We are honoured to offer a wide range of world-famous Italian furniture and décor brands. Alchymia brand is the icon of Italian art and design. Alter Ego Private Atelier in Abuja is furnished and decorated with Alchymia art-deco interior objects. Most Alchymia art pieces are handmade exclusively upon request and each item is marked with progressive number to secure its authenticity,” adds Lantieri.

If you desire a piece that is truly bespoke, it is possible to customize or design a completely bespoke interior product in sophisticated and glamorous Alchymia style.

Also, you can stand out of the crowd at the airport while travelling with the ALTEREGO Milano Artcases. It’s where art embraces science and high quality engineering fuses with Italian chic. Just the way fine champagne is born from water and grapes, an exclusive personal Artcase is handcrafted from leather and steel to find its rightful customer. The exposition of readymade ALTEREGO Milano limited editions is integrated into Alchymia-inspired environment at Alter Ego Private Atelier. This is a genuine one-of-a-kind brand for luxury travellers seeking a way to reflect their traveling selves.

Lantieri further explains that ALTEREGO Milano collection comes in three levels based on the customization grade and includes male, female and unisex items.

“AE Original collection is the core of all ALTEREGO Milano lines. It consists of 8 lines made of calfskin and five lines from crocodile leather. AE Evolution is a customizable line with a series of predefined optional amenities. AE Original line is the base for AE Evolution items with extra choice of leather, stones and woods. AE Revolution is fully created, designed and equipped on a special client request. Fully customized items are developed at Physiognomic Lab. – a special ALTEREGO Milano department in charge of research, advanced technologies and projects elaboration.”

With a limited edition ALTEREGO Milano Artcase, there is an exceptional opportunity to purchase the customised cases at Alter Ego Private Atelier in Abuja. The unique travelling piece is tailor-made to reflect its owner’s identity.

“Clients are free to choose either AE Evolution line with predefined amenities or AE Revolution line – a totally individual creation. The production of any bespoke item takes time but the result always exceeds expectations. Personified luxury is the landmark of social status – it’s the case when it is worth waiting,” adds Lantieri.

Q: Does it work the same way with Alchymia interior objects?

A: Yes. The principle is the same. It is possible to select and order Alchymia décor from the catalogues available at Alter Ego Private Atelier. And there is a chance to create an entirely bespoke interior object in Alchymia style. A real piece of art! In Nigeria the exceptional opportunity to buy-out the expositional units at Alter Ego Private Atelier is applicable to Alchymia art objects as well.

ALTER EGO Private Atelier approach keeps THE CLIENT in the center of universe, thus providing the best response to his\her desires and dreams. Bespoke excellence is based on the ability to capture the hidden needs and specific wishes of the commissioning customer.

ALTER EGO Private Atelier situated in Abuja invites its clients to experience a rapturous journey to the world of luxury travelling and timeless traditions of Italian design & craftsmanship over a cup of coffee, a flute of champagne or a glass of whiskey. The journey results in the appearance of a breathtaking handmade interior object or a tailor-made travel accessory – a true testimonial of status and elegance.

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