March 23, 2019



Amaka Igwe, the late screenwriter and director, will be interred Friday June 13.

Amaka Igwe

Friends of the family were notified by the deceased’s husband, Charles Igwe that events leading up to her funeral will begin June 9 in Lagos, at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, Ikeja with a tribute and service of songs.

Another service of songs will hold June 12 at Enugu, the director’s birthplace. And then the rites end with interment in Imo state at the residence of the Igwes.


In circumstances that could perhaps be scripted into her films, the month of her interment also sees her immortalised on the cover of the Nollywood-focused magazine, Nolly Silver Screen. It is fitting tribute to a woman who contributed so much to the growth of the Nigerian film industry.

Amaka Igwe, famous for such acclaimed titles as Rattlesnake, Violated and Forever, passed on April 28.


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