March 19, 2019

And that’s how our friend Udeme ended up in court – Peju Akande

And that’s how our friend Udeme ended up in court – Peju Akande


In the last couple of weeks, Udeme Otike-Odibi’s case has been on trial at the Igbosere High Court; and a lot of ugly details have been exposed.


Do you remember Udeme, the 48-year-old lawyer that allegedly stabbed her husband, Symphorosa Otike-Odibito death and also cut off his penis?





Well, she has been arraigned by the Lagos State Government on two counts of murder and misconduct.


No one will ever truly know why Udeme, a qualified lawyer, killed her husband. No one can also say why she decided to cut off his penis; and even then proceeded to gut him like a fish and lay bare his intestines.


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There will always be speculations and there will always be conjectures. Some have speculated that she did it because she had endured years of emotional and physical torture from her husband. They say she had just about had enough of him.



Others believe it was premeditated murder; the knives she used were recently purchased prior to the murder.


Yet others say she knew what she was doing; in fact, she had purchased a flight ticket for the UK scheduled for the very morning of the murder.


Another set of people say the man was very abusive, even of his former wife.


Some have conjectured that Udeme may have lost her mind as no normal human being guts another and proceeds to cut him into pieces even after he had died.


This is a nightmare for Udeme’s mother, her siblings, her friends, and relatives. They will forever wonder what pushed her into such murderous rage?


She was already billed to leave for the UK, to take a break from her tumultuous marriage, as reported by her friend, so why did she succumb to the burning anger that drove her to commit such a gruesome murder?


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If she had picked up her packed bags and left, despite the taunts from her husband, and despite the fight that culminated into a murder, the story today would be different.


She obviously didn’t listen to her friend’s advice; the one who testified that she had told Udeme to ignore all the taunts from Symphorosa and focus on her journey to the UK.


We can only imagine her friend had advised her right; and we can hope that Udeme is not where she is today because of friends that egged her on; friends who told her they wouldn’t take nonsense from any man and yet, they take a whole load of sh*t in private.



Friends who told her to go buy a knife and keep…just in case Symphorosa got physical.


Let’s just imagine…


Udeme would have been a free woman and her relatives will only be burdened with trying to find a lasting solution to a troubled marriage instead of dealing with a murder that defies explanation.


And speaking of trouble marriages, who’s marriage is trouble free?


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Who has it all together such that they have no issues to worry about in their marriage? Virtually, none if only we would be honest.


There will always be one issue or another in a marriage. Where things can be worked out, participants are encouraged to seek help and where they can’t, the man and woman should walk away and go their separate ways.

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