March 19, 2019

…and yet they say Election is not war! – Peju Akande

…and yet they say Election is not war! – Peju Akande


More than 25 Nigerians died on Saturday from election related violence and yet…



There were reports of ballot box burning/ theft by political thugs in Lagos, Imo and Rivers states, to mention a few, thereby disenfranchising hundreds of Nigerians and yet…



There are several videos trending online of shootings, people running scared for their lives on election day and yet…



Many parents have decided not to send their children back to school on Monday, why? What if the violence escalates as results are announced?



And yet, we say election is not war.


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Economic and social activities were grounded on Saturday for election and by Sunday,  many Nigerians were wary of going out early.






Our WhatsApp messages, Twitter and Facebook pages are replete with different stories about Saturday’s election. While there were peaceful outcomes in many areas, the pockets of violence reported in some states, like one bad apple, is threatening to rubbish the whole basket.



One thing is certain though, Nigerians are becoming more and more aware of the power of their votes. More Nigerians now know their votes count, otherwise there would be no ballot box snatching by thugs thereby threatening peaceful elections.



With the spread of social media usage, it has become apparent that one video, one tweet, one Facebook post can generate either positive or negative responses.




Take the example of the video of Demola, the ballot burning thug who was mobbed at Ago Palace Way in Lagos.

Several posts claimed he was mobbed by Igbos who chased after him when he and his horde of thugs invaded a polling unit and destroyed ballot boxes.

The post warned that there will likely be a reprisal attack from the Yorubas as Demola was reported to have died from his injuries.





Instantly there were fears, people began to hurry indoors as news spread that there would be a full blown crisis.



We all know that in this type of stupid wars, innocent people are massacred mindlessly. I mean, in a blind fury, how can you easily tell an Igbo man from a Yoruba man or Hausa or Tiv or Igbira man for that matter?



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Thankfully, before the disease of ignorance gained too much ground, another video was quickly shared to debunk the earlier post, that Demola, the OPC political thug was not killed but was in fact rescued by an Igbo man and is recuperating in the hospital.



This ended the tension, the Igbos and Yorubas will no longer go to war!



While we await the results from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), here’s hoping the candidates of each of the political parties will at least take responsibility for some of these unnecessary deaths; they should come out to say something about the lives that were lost on their behalf.



This is not to suggest in any way that they are directly responsible for these loss of lives, it just shows that they have empathy for the everyday Nigerian who wants a better quality of life, who hopes that the people in government will not rely on the spilling of innocent blood before we have a responsible government.


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Video credit

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