March 25, 2019


Undoubtedly, it was pure coincidence. But in the week of the US midterm elections, Angelina Jolie let it be known that she might be open to a political career. To which the heartfelt advice of every dispassionate observer of the current state of American politics must be: don’t.

This is no criticism of Ms Jolie, or a scornful putdown of those who believe conquering Hollywood is automatic qualification for conquering Washington. It has of course been done. But Ronald Reagan won the presidency not on the strength of a few starring roles in the movies, but because he had twice served as Governor of California and because his conservative political credo caught the mood of the country.

The advice is simply a natural reaction after the most barren, depressing elections I’ve witnessed here in almost a quarter of a century. They were depressing not because they produced a Republican landslide – in fact an army of political freaks like Sarah Palin is not about to descend on Washington.  Read more


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