March 19, 2019

Another PDP member defects to APC

Another PDP member defects to APC
Right off the back of the many sidesteps that has seen a significant number of members in the PDP dash across to the camp of the worthy rival – APC, House of Reps member, Nkeiru Onyejeocha, continued the crosswalk this morning, making her the latest defector in a trend that has become synonymous with the current state of affairs in the nation’s politics.
This manner of defection is the new infamous cool in Nigeria’s politics. You have to realize the party’s genius in this Monk style conquering. The incessant defection casts the worst possible kind of light on PDP, and swells APC – giving them affluence and clout, and reducing PDP’s magnificence to the desperation of a man hanging off a cliff. Politics is ultimately a game of numbers after all, and the less likely they are to keep their members, the less likely they can convince the citizens they are worth it at all. Unless these guardians of the depleting party are playing a wonderful two-step psychological game, and the defections are trojan horses. But I’m just giving too much credits now.
The big fuss about these crosswalks are how they form and affect the indices that can hinder the re-election of incumbent president. If this continues, as it looks poised to, we can just scan through the options of the party that has enjoyed the influx and decide who we want, in which case the actual election will be during the primaries. That’s no fun however. I earnestly hope we don’t come to that.

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