Another valentine story again! – Emeka Nwolisa

Another valentine story again! – Emeka Nwolisa

It will be another Valentine’s day in a matter of days. It’s a day set aside for the celebration of love. People make extra efforts to be or appear romantic. At the back of their minds though this romantic pretences is expected to yield commensurate return on investment.

Figure that out…if you can’t, sorry oh. The long and short of the issue is that Valentine’s day often gets turned for the mathematically minded into a transactional equation. Choose the equation you like… ‘you scratch my back, I scratch your own’ or ‘ for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Apologies to Newton and his laws.

Events of Valentine’s Day have now become, in most instance, cleverly orchestrated business transactions and sex appears at top of the shelf item.

A friendly advice though …before you decide to take off your clothes for a few minutes of fun, think again and again about the implication of your action. Naturally after the reggae the blues will surely come. The blues can come in diverse ways and manner.

Throw in the assortment of drinks on offer on most valentine day’s outing and a fire on the mountain situation develops. An alcohol high and casual sex both have potentially dangerous consequences. These include unintended pregnancies, sexual assault and sexual transmitted diseases. The risk of ‘dying in active service’ or ‘dying in active service’ is significantly increased too.


Deaths during sex though only accounts for approximately 0.6% of all sudden deaths but the risk is higher during special days and festivities. Men account for over 90% of these death. In an attempt to be a real man, what ever that means…several bros will take combinations of energy drink, alcohol and performance enhancing drugs. This is a lethal cocktail and exiting planet earth for the hereafter in the throes of pleasure becomes inevitable.

A comedian described the process as the true description of joyful exit.
At valentine parties, alcoholic drinks are usually liberally consumed. Trust Naija people, we believe in the concept of awoof no dey run belle. Awoof no dey run belle but eh fit scatter heart oh.

Holiday heart syndrome is a serious medical condition that may occur when an individual consumes large amounts of alcohol over a short period of time. Patients usually have atrial fibrillation. In Atrial fibrillation the heart beats rapidly and in an irregular fashion and can result in health complications including stroke. Holiday heart syndrome can also result in a heart attack.
Finally, driving and drinking alcohol do not go together. To drive, you need your eyes, hands and feet. Then you need your brain to control your eyes, hands, and feet. In addition driving involves ability to assess the situation and make rapid decisions. So anything that alters your brain’s ability to exert control would create wahala. Sorry compound wahala and gbege.

Celebrate Valentine’s day but remember that after the reggae , the blues must come. Harrysong is right.

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