Electric poles of death in Anthony Village

Electric poles of death in Anthony Village

When the English man says that a stitch in time saves nine, he sure did not have the Nigerian in mind. Here, that one tear does not get a mend until it festers into a massive hole enough to mess everything up. Last year, two sisters were electrocuted at the campus of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. One died, the other survived with serious injuries.
Well it looks like no lessons have been learnt from that incident.

Or how else do you describe the scant attention we pay to dilapidating infrastructure in Nigeria?

Check out the images below and you will see electric poles tending towards the ground with dangling cables on Bush Street, the main access road between Anthony and Mende, two upscale neighbourhoods on the Mainland of Lagos.


What is most intriguing about this situation is that officials of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) drive past these life threatening poles on daily basis without paying attention.

Sabinews joins residents of these areas to call on IKEDC authorities to do something about these falling poles to avoid any tragic events.



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