Sabinews Exclusive: Welcome to the drug den of Anthony Village

Sabinews Exclusive: Welcome to the drug den of Anthony Village

The playground constructed by the Lagos State government for the use of residents of the upscale Anthony Village in the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State has become a den of indian hemp smokers and assorted seekers of indulgences, can report.

Investigations by the newspaper showed that idle young men come to the playground which has a football pitch, a tennis court and an indoor sports arena ostensibly to work out but end up smoking and sniffing various grades of substances.

A source told us that these people “are always at the spectators stand popularly known as pavilion to carry out their activities which range from smoking of Indian hemp aka marijuana or weed, shisha, pipe, cocaine to drinking of strong local alcoholic drinks like monkey tail, paraga, codeine,burukutu, jedi, opa eyin, ale, wete and all sorts. The alcoholic drinks are sold to them by ladies who hawk the herbal remedies around the field.”

Sources told us that a lot of people, who come to watch football or work out no longer use the spectator stands because of the pungent aroma of Indian Hemp and so would rather stand by the walls surrounding the field. learnt that smokers in the field are led by a particular young man who wields a lot of power. There are also two major dealers. Both have sales men who sell discreetly to boys on the street and smokers who now see the field as a joint of sorts. We learnt that one of the salesmen is currently in police custody for RAPE.

Another source told the newspaper  that Indian hemp has been recently replaced with a new kind of smoke called Skunk which is odourless, and a wrap (which comes with its wrapper (Rizla)) now costs 100 naira up from an initial 20 naira when it was first introduced.

It will be recalled that the Lagos State Government ordered the shutdown of the facility about three months ago largely due to the alleged non remittance of funds generated by the field as well as  misappropriation of funds by the administrator of the playground.

Some sources however said that a Task Force constituted by the Lagos State Government had earlier gotten wind of the abuse of the facility by smokers, and that this contributed to the closure

In spite of the closure however, sabinews learnt that the guys continued to meet at the back of the field in order to do their business.

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