APC will win Kogi State in 2019 –Kolawole (Independent)

APC will win Kogi State in 2019 –Kolawole (Independent)

The state chapter of the APC has been enmeshed in crises in the last two years. What effort are the state legislators making to resolve the logjam?

It is highly unfortunate that the crises in the Kogi chapter of APC lingered till now. The crises is within the executive of the party and I believe that whatever has a beginning must also has an end. Sadly, even when some stakeholders were making effort to wade into the crises, the utterances of some of the executive members of the party in Kogi State does not help matters. On our part as members of the party and with the governor as the leader of the party in the state, every problem within the party will be resolved so that the party remains strong to face the 2019 elections. Nevertheless, APC remains the party to beat in Kogi State and will surely win come 2019. Read more


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