Apple AirPods: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Apple AirPods: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

What amazes us more than anything else in the present world is the Apple’s new discoveries and innovations. Apple never fails to impress its fans. However attractive its products are, they do have some drawbacks too.

Apple’s innovation, AirPods have already created a sensation among the iPhonelovers. In the latest keynote event conducted by Apple, it launched its new product, AirPods, which are a pair of wireless earphones that comes along with charging case. AirPods are a combination of smart engineering concepts and attractive technological designs. The earphones have inbuilt accelerometers and optical sensors that help them automatically detect ears while they’re plugged in.

It allows the user to access to Apple’s patent voice app Siri just by tapping on the headphones. Not only that, an extra added advantage of using these headphones is that just by double tapping the headphones, one can adjust the volume and change music tracks. When you remove the headphones, the music or any voice app is paused thus saving the battery life your phone. Read more

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