March 21, 2019

Apple and Samsung Fined Millions of Euros over Unfair Commercial Practices

Apple and Samsung Fined Millions of Euros over Unfair Commercial Practices


Italian Authorities have fined Apple and Samsung millions of euros for ‘implementing unfair commercial practices.’

The fine pertains to software updates that slowed down the performance of older phones.

Apple was hit with a 10 million euro (£8.8m) fine while Samsung received only got billed five million euros.

This practice is called ‘planned obsolescence’ and explains how older phones begin to act up once new ones, or updates in versions of operating systems come up.

This ‘caused serious malfunctions and significantly reduced performance’, which provoked users into upgrading their devices, the authority said.

The companies encouraged users to upgrade operating system software but did not make clear the increased demands that new software would make on smartphones, according to the Italian competition authority.



‘Samsung did not issue any software update that reduced the Galaxy Note 4’s performance,’ a spokesman said.


‘In contrast, Samsung has always released software updates enabling our customers to have the best experience possible.’

Samsung said it was ‘disappointed’ with the decision and said it would appeal.

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Apple was fined more because it failed to reveal important details about the iPhone batteries to customers, including information that could help users prolong battery lifespan.

The Italian authority mandated both companies to publish a declaration on their Italian websites. Informing consumers of the authority’s decision.


Last year, Apple confirmed that it deliberately slowed down some older iPhone models because their battery performance diminished over time.


It claimed this would ‘prolong the life’ of devices.


The following month, French prosecutors launched a probe over accusations of ‘planned obsolescence’ in iPhones.


A judgement in that case is yet to be delivered

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