March 22, 2019

Apple Revokes BloomBerg Star Access To Event Over Spy Chip Story

Apple Revokes BloomBerg Star Access To Event Over Spy Chip Story


We are beginning to see the by effects of the spy chip story published by Bloomberg Businessweek which claimed the tech giants Apple and Amazon’s servers were being hacked by China.

Both companies have vehemently denied the claim and even Tim Cook, Apple chief executive demanded the story be retracted. Multiple security experts, the National Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security have all said that there is no evidence to support Bloomberg’s claim that spy chips were installed on Apple’s and Amazon’s servers

However, Bloomberg has refused to recant its claims and says it stands by the journalistic work and research integrity that accompanied the news, which has been in the works for a year.

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In what is looking like a retaliatory move, Amazon pulled its Q4 ads from Bloomberg’s website, cutting off significant ad revenue. Meanwhile, Apple has decided to payback Bloomberg Businessweek by banning the company from next week’s ‘There’s More in the Making’ event.

The News about the un-invitation of Bloomberg to Apple’s event was reported by Buzzfeed. Apple declined to comment on it but it’s not space sciences to understand what’s working underneath.

Bloomberg will just have to get used to watching Apple’s keynote address like everybody else, a departure from the privileged, special access it formerly enjoyed.

It’s not the first time Apple is revoking the access and star treatment of another organization it deemed played unfairly. After Gizmodo published images of a leaked iPhone 4, Apple banned the publication’s reporters from keynotes for years. The site was only recently invited back to Apple events.


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