Are Colours Pressing Your Mumu Button? – Emeka Nwolisa

Are Colours Pressing Your Mumu Button? – Emeka Nwolisa


Ever wondered why you find a particular restaurant or fast food chain attractive and you keep patronizing them? It may not just be because their cuisine is awesome.


Ever wondered why each time you get into a shopping mall, you find yourself picking one product over another? It may not just be that it’s better than the other. It may simply be because of the colour of the packaging.


Colours are unique and powerful. They affect us in diverse ways and can greatly influence our attitude.  There is a connect between our emotions and colour.



Those who know this have been exploiting it and smiling to the bank.


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Look around you, most fast food chains are painted in a manner that the dominant colours are often red and orange or yellow. Think about Mr. Biggs, MacDonald’s, KFC and Tantalizers. Red increases heart rate and is said to make one hungry.


So mumuciously, you are subconsciously programmed to enter the joint painted with a dominance of red. The colour red in a restaurant is also believed to make you want to eat quickly and leave and what happens when you leave? Another set of people come in and the circle is maintained, thereby increasing the turnover and naturally the bank alerts.  


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The colour orange makes people happy and cheerful so even if the food in the restaurant is not wonderful, your ability to get angry has been compromised. So you grin or smile mumuciously while paying for sub-optimal service.

As I start laughing at you, especially now that I am sure you now understand that the colours used to paint and decorate fast food joints are not just chance events.


They are all geared at grabbing your attention and dragging you in by fire by force.  For guy man to wack, mugu must full. If you know, you know!


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How many restaurants do you see painted blue or shades of blue or have blue as the dominant colour? Laslas…. very few.

 If restaurants have bright blue walls, the shade of blue can reflect onto the customer’s food and may make it look less appetizing.

Those who painted theirs blue were obviously not aware of the power of colours and must be paying dearly for that.

One of the most popular noodles in the Nigerian market is the Indomie brand. Take a good look at the dominant colours on the pack.

Yellow leads with red following closely. Ever wondered why most of the packs of noodles in the market have shades of yellow and red? Yellow is positive and mentally stimulating.


It has also been known to influence choices. Children also find it attractive. When your child is caught by the colour…making you buy the product is as easy as eating bread and akara.


Shaking your head or thinking deeply?


Relax joor …no bi only you waka come!  Nearly 93% of buyers focus on the visual appearance and about 85% of people use the color of the package as the primary reason for choosing one product over another.


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Indeed, research has shown that colour has a powerful psychological impact on behavior and decisions. This knowledge has been harnessed since nineteen kiridim by those who know for product marketing,

So, while you are forming ‘educated hard man or woman’ some smart Alecs are using colours to obtain money from your pocket.  Not to worry, anyway is a way sha!


Udoo in Phyno’s voice.

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