July 19, 2018

Aso rock people, abeg what is wrong with Buhari? – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Aso rock people, abeg what is wrong with Buhari? – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Nobody dies a natural death in Nigeria. Somebody must kill you na.

The person can be 100 years old and people would talk about how a family member or wicked person was responsible for their death.

It is the same with sickness or disability. Someone somewhere is always responsible.

I know someone that started hanging out with bad company early. No matter what his family did, he still found a way to keep bad company. He started doing drugs, dropped out from school and had baby mamas and eventually had AIDS and died of complications due to tuberculosis. But guess what?

No one spoke about the bad decisions he made that led him down the path he went. Cock and bull stories about how someone had seen he was the brightest star in the family and therefore stolen it from him was all we heard.

People will live without a care to what they put in their mouth. Huge mounds of Eba, fufu and pounded yam every single day. They do not exercise. They consume everything without a thought and do not exercise. They do not do medical checks. They have no idea what their glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are. They do not know their family medical history. One day, they collapse; a blocked artery. They have a massive heart attack and die.

Ah!!! His uncle had a beef with his father and swore 33 years ago to deal with him. He had gone to the village 3 days before dying.

Diagnosis= death by enemy dart!

This is the reason why we hide when our loved ones are sick. People make us believe that telling someone is giving ammunition to finish off our loved ones. A person could be disappearing before us and the person and his family will deny any ailment. The idea is not to make the enemy rejoice that he/she is getting to us.

I still can’t get used to how open White people can be. They announce medical issues and even document the whole process. If Nigerians announce a medical issue, it is because they have run out of money to handle the ailment. Even when the person dies, you may never know what was diagnosed.

It is the same thing that is replaying right now at the top, up there on Aso Rock.

Why put a shroud of secrecy on what can happen to anyone?

Is the president sick?

What is wrong with him?

What is the prognosis?

What are the treatment plans?

Can he run the country in his condition?

No one will answer these questions.


Recently a guy claiming to be a policeman threatened to kill 200 hundred people if the president lost his life. He said the president had survived poisoning and people were still trying to kill him.


A septuagenarian is having a difficult time with his health. The man has a gruelling job to boot. Is it unthinkable that he is battling ill health?

Does someone have to have done it to him?

If indeed the president is ill, is it a bad thing to speak openly about it and take time out to get better?

There is something so Nigerian about what happened to Yar’adua. A similar thing seems to be replaying itself.

To the people in charge, kindly prove to us that you are the change you said you would be.

Handle this differently.

Be open for once.

Demystify sickness. It happens to every single person on this earth.

What is wrong with the president?


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