March 19, 2019

Ayisha Osori’s “Love Does Not Win Elections” released

Ayisha Osori’s “Love Does Not Win Elections” released

Former sabinews columnist Ayisha Osori ran for the house of Representatives under the People’s Democratic Party ticket. It was a short-lived adventure. She did not get the party’s nomination at the primaries and so fizzled her dream of representing her people in the AMAC/Bwari constituency in Abuja.

But that experience has birthed a book, one that has been described by Atedo Peterside, “as essential reading for every rookie politician and all those who want to see democracy thrive across the globe.”

Segun Adeniyi, Thisday columnist and former presidential adviser described the books as “a compelling book for those who seek to understand the powers of political wheeler-dealers.”

Ms Osori had two strikes against her; she was a woman and a rookie politician without a godfather or mother. Her journey was going to be a tough one and it is one she recounts with aplomb in the book that was forged in the smithy of that misadventure.

The book opens with her decision to run because she wanted to “see more people who looked and sounded like me in politics” and then ends with a scathing letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.

Published by Lagos based Narrative Landscapes, the book weighs in at 257 pages and not only enriches a genre populated mostly by male writers but adds a fresh new voice and perspective to the narrative.

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