Bali volcano threat puts volunteers in race to save cows and monkeys (Guardian)

Bali volcano threat puts volunteers in race to save cows and monkeys (Guardian)

Volunteers are risking their lives to save tens of thousands of animals left at the mercy of a rumbling volcano on the tourist island of Bali, making perilous trips into the red zone to relocate them.

Mount Agung, about 75km from the resort hub of Kuta, has been shaking since August, causing 144,000 people to evacuate their homes over the past week as experts warn an eruption could be imminent.

As evacuees have streamed into temporary shelters or moved in with relatives, animals – including wild monkeys as well as dogs and farm animals such as pigs, chickens and cows – have been left in the danger zone close to the volcano that is most at risk of cascading ash, rocks and hot gas.

“I’m really worried because all of us that work together to rescue the animals don’t know when the eruption will be,” Vio Verandhini, from Jakarta Animal Aid Network, said. “Earthquakes happen everyday, maybe every hour.”

There are hundreds of tremors each day triggered by the volcano, a handful of which are magnitude 2-3 and are strong enough to rattle windows and rock furniture. Read more

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