October 16, 2018

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BBNAIJA: Biggie criticised for favouritism (Nation)

BBNAIJA: Biggie criticised for favouritism (Nation)

Fans of the popular show have turned their backs on Big Brother to what they perceive as injustice towards Lolu.

“Biggies” attempt to stir up the mood in the house by introducing a bonding week task backfired as Cee-C and Lolu got involved in a disagreement during the process, thus leading to a stern reaction from “Biggie” .

As Housemates were paired by “Biggie”, Lolu and Cee C got harnessed together. The two Housemates were unimpressed about having each other as partners for the task and they couldn’t hide their feelings about it.

Cee-C who got fed up with having to put up with anywhere and anything her partner did, disobeyed Biggies instructions by removing the harness to sit down and in the process hitting Lolu on his inner thigh. Read more

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