Some beautiful ones Ambode, Ayande have been born (ThisDay)

Some beautiful ones Ambode, Ayande have been born (ThisDay)

When Ayi Kwei Armah wrote his novel “The Beautifuy Ones Are Not Yet Born,” it was a mirror of the dawn of post-independence Ghana.An era characterised by despair and political disillusionment among Ghanaians. It was a prevalent situation nurtured by embezzlement of public fund and lack of patriotism.The novel was borne out of a yearning for a generation of leadership -the beautiful ones, that will rescue Ghana from the clutches of corruption. Several decades ago, when this novel was written, many countries including Nigeria shared with Ghana this state of hopelessness generated by corruption. Over five decades after independence Nigeria is still confronted with a systemic corruption which has almost become enigmatic. A nation that is so blessed with natural resources fertile landmass and clement climate continues to grapple with poverty and underdevelopment.The impact of corruption has been compounded by insurgency provoked by religious and tribal myopism. I couldn’t contradict a friend who said Nigeria is full of contradictions.Those who are supposed to be excellencies turn out to be excellent thieves, ‘the honourable are far below honour and the distinguished are far from dignity. While I could not argue with him is because be backed up his view with concrete examples. Read more


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