Benue security crisis should not be given any colouration —CP (Tribune)

Benue security crisis should not be given any colouration —CP (Tribune)

Can we say that normalcy is gradually returning to Benue State after the incessant attacks by suspected herdsmen?

We can say we are witnessing a gradual reduction in the number of cases of killings, just as we can also conveniently say that we have a drastic reduction in the cases of cattle rustling. There has been an improvement in security situation. Today, we have a gradual movement of the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the various camps back to their ancestral homes and also back to their work, which is farming. Of course it is not as if we are fully stabilised because about few days ago, we had an attack in one of the villages in Kwande Local Government Area. On the whole, we have this relative stability. Before now we would say the situation was unpredictable, but I can say that we have moved a little bit away from that with the overwhelming deployment of security personnel by IG to the state. Additional vehicles were also drawn from different areas to support our operation. Read more


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