Michigan victory rescues Bernie Sanders

Michigan victory rescues Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders scored a critical upset in Michigan’s Democratic primary Tuesday, winning a narrow victory over front-runner Hillary Clinton in a state where polls had showed him far behind, and proving once again to be a competitor when most had counted him out.

The Vermont senator is still miles from catching up to Clinton, who won a commanding victory in Mississippi’s primary Tuesday night and holds a significant delegate lead. Sanders headed into Tuesday’s contests about 200 delegates behind Clinton, not including so-called superdelegates, and desperately needed a win to remain a legitimate contender in the race.

The Michigan victory, Sanders’ first in a big and relatively diverse state, buys his campaign a lifeline and puts him back on a path that could at least conceivably end in him accepting the Democratic presidential nomination in July. And it underscores still lingering weaknesses with Clinton’s candidacy. Read more

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