Biofuel to replace fossil fuel – Minister of Environment

Biofuel to replace fossil fuel – Minister of Environment

The Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, has said the Federal Government will grow Jatropha in 20 states as part of the development of biofuel to replace fossil fuel. The minister, who spoke at a dialogue with editors in Abuja, also said the ministry would hold a two-day conference to fine tune strategies to produce Jatropha. She said the project would serve as an alternative to fossil fuel, provide jobs for local communities, and diversify the economy.

“Jatropha has been identified by the Nigerian Biofuel Policy and Incentives 2007 as the most preferred non-food plant for biofuel feedstock for production in the country. This policy, as well as the NNPC’s Renewable Energy Division, were set out to link the agriculture and energy sectors and promote job creation, technology acquisition and attract foreign investment in the biofuel industry.

“The Jatropha Value Chain project is being proposed as a means not only for the successful production of a viable green alternative to fossil fuels but also of providing an additional means of livelihood for local communities that are losing ground water and vegetation every year due to desertification.’’ Read more

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