Why Black Panther’s Costumes break the superhero mould (Vogue)

Why Black Panther’s Costumes break the superhero mould (Vogue)

“I feel like I’ve been designing superheroes my whole life,” costume designer Ruth E Carter tells Vogue of her illustrious career trajectory, which has seen her create costumes in more African-American historic films and series than any other costume designer. “Malcom X was a superhero. Tina Turner was a superhero. Martin Luther King was a superhero.”

Carter’s latest project – Marvel’s Black Panther – saw her manage a team of over 100 buyers in South Africa, Nigeria and South Korea, plus jewellery makers, mould makers, blacksmiths, fabric painters and tailors on set in Atlanta and in studios in LA, in order to bring the fantasy land of Wakanda to life. Read more

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