Black Sparkle Romance – Amara Nicole Okolo

Black Sparkle Romance –  Amara Nicole Okolo

Lauren was already at the door. ‘I’m leaving for London tonight, so I suggest you discuss the contract with Dominic and get to know each other better. You will manage Black Sparkle and report back to me. This is your chance to prove yourself, Mira … show me why I made you my assistant editor. And remember the rules: get ready to leave …’

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‘… if I don’t deliver,’ Mira finished in a trance. She felt dizzy.

Lauren nodded. ‘Good.’ She kissed Dominic quickly on the cheek and left.

Mira stared at the closed door as chills streaked down her spine. She turned to Dominic, half-expecting him to dismiss Lauren’s bombshell. He stared back at her, giving no answers and clearly not intending to. Goose bumps appeared on her forearms, and she began to forget her predicament. She noticed again that the room was filled with his aftershave and felt heady with desire. ‘Well, Mr Dominic—’

‘Dominic,’ he interrupted in a low voice. ‘Call me Dominic and I’ll call you Mira, capisce? That’s a lovely name, by the way. Mira is a giant red star in the constellation Cetus.’

She felt her cheeks flush and was grateful for her brown skin – the last thing she wanted was this dude to see her turn into a human tomato because she was flustered by his presence. Swallowing the lump in her throat she continued, ignoring his question. ‘… whenever you are ready, call me.’ She wrote down her number. ‘I’d suggest that we discuss your contract now but I’m not prepared—’

‘I can see that. That was unexpected, wasn’t it?’ He laughed and winked at her. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll bet on my last naira that you can pull this off. You’re bold and daring and I’m speaking from the experience of that Girl Power speech you gave me a week ago—’

‘Please stop interrupting me, Mr Dominic,’ she said, although, at the mention of the parking lot incident, guilt enveloped her. ‘Here is my number, so I’ll see you …?’ She let the statement hang, looking at him. He said nothing for some moments and returned the stare. Mira felt the tingling sensation return to her spine. Dammit, tall men can be intimidating, especially tall, dashing men who can light up a firestorm with their sexiness. If he can emit such sexiness with his clothes on, then I wonder what would happen when they are off—

Whoa! Mira stop it! What the hell is wrong with you?

Finally, he took the paper. ‘OK. I’ll call you when I’m free to talk,’ he said as he walked to the door, his hulking frame making everything in the room look small.

She stared at his retreating back, perplexed. ‘Why don’t you just pick a date so I can be sure I’m ready?’

He stopped at the door and raised an eyebrow at her. ‘And allow you to prepare your Twenty Questions to interrogate me like some army general? No.’

She raised her chin. ‘Lauren hired you. You’ve got to do as I ask.’

He grinned. ‘Well, about that: I haven’t signed a contract so, officially, you haven’t hired me. Until then, I make the decisions and you obey them, lady,’ he said and walked out before she could utter a word.

Gosh, I hate this guy.

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