Blatter QUITS!

Blatter QUITS!

Sepp Blatter has resigned as president of world football governing body FIFA.

He made the announcement while giving a statement at a press conference in Zurich.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have thoroughly considered my presidency and about the last 40 years in my life, these years were closely related to FIFA. I only want to do the best for football. The elections are closed but the challenges we are facing have not. FIFA needs profound restructuring. I will call an extraordinary congress … to elect a new president.”

I will not stand.. I am now free of the constraints of the election. I will now be in a position to enact reforms to follow on our initial efforts. For many years we have gone to great lengths and these need to continue as they have not yet been sufficient. I was convinced standing again was best option for football. Although the members have re-elected me, this mandate does not seem to be supported by everyone in the world of football. The players, clubs supporters… those who inspire life in football.”

“The interests of FIFA are very dear to me and that is why I have taken this decision What counts most to me is FIFA. Thank you very much for you kind attention.”

His resignation follows the investigation and arrest of top FIFA officials on allegations of bribery. The scandal has been rocking the body in past weeks admidst calls for Sepp Blatter to resign.
He was reelected FIFA president for the 5th time on Friday, May 29th and has resigned after less than a week in office.


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