March 21, 2019

Bobrisky is Disgraced and Dragged on Social Media by American-based Entertainer

Bobrisky is Disgraced and Dragged on Social Media by American-based Entertainer

Earlier, it was reported that popular Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky, real name Idris Okuneye was dragged on the internet by American-based entertainer and filmmaker Prince King Hollywood who said Bobrisky was owing him and he has refused to pay him back his money.

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Although Bobrisky claimed the man paid him N50,000 but the man, Prince insisted that it was the sum of N100,000 that he forwarded to Risky. This what Risky shared few hours ago in response to the claim:

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Fraud Allegation: Bobrisky breaks silence

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An infuriated Prince King decided to share screenshots of the business transaction with the Bobrisky over the past few weeks and Risky was indeed guilty. See the full description below:

“Bobrisky you a scammer and a liar.
My boss @princehollywood147 didn’t mention the amount because he wanted you to tell your own side of story with your usual lies. My boss knew nothing about my transaction with you until the business deal we had soured. I even told one of your friends you respect and she talked to you about the deal and you pleaded you will start with the promotion.

I had chatted you 3 months ago and we had a call to establish trust after someone recommended you, I am the manager to Esquare and Esquare gave me money for their song promotion and I decided to use some of the money to try you out, we concluded 100k which you were gonna promote for 1 week after you had told me it’s 400k for a month but I said lets do one week and see how it goes. We never mentioned 50k in our conversation and my chat and transfer slip will show how of a bloody liar and a scammer you are. Maybe the gender disorder you have has disoriented your brain to the extent you couldn’t remember you collected 100k and now tried to make it look like it’s 50k. All the deal you had was with me and the money was not mine but my boss @princehollywood147 .

You made me send you the money after you had promised me that you will start uploading that same day you got the money. Immediately you confirmed you got the money, you never chatted me for weeks.One day turned one week and I was patient enough and one week turned one month and one month turned 2 months. You changed your phone number and after I had chatted you severally on instagram, you promised to start with the job that you were going through emotional disturbances due to UK deporting you.

I understood what you were going through even though you abandoned the job you were paid for to go flex in London. You sent me your new number and promised again you will start the job last week which I have been waiting for since and without any tangible story for me to pass to my boss and he decided to let the cat out. Bobrisky stop scamming people and I have our WhatsApp, Instagram and audio voice chats. With this post you made now, people can now tell that you are a bloody liar and nothing about you is real. This is part 1″


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