Bobrisky My Inspiration- James “They did not caught me”

Bobrisky My Inspiration- James “They did not caught me”

Weeks after revealing that he is HIV positive and receiving a sum of N100,000 from popular crossdresser Bobrisky, James Obialor has come out to claim that Bobrisky is his inspiration and he admires his heart.

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James is a fast rising effeminate social media sensation who became renowned when he was allegedly arrest by the police for being gay. In his vindication, he mentioned that “did they did not caught me in the act.” It was hilarious but the young man is gradually becoming a popular personnel on the internet especially on Instagram.

Last Saturday Bobrisky and James were seen dancing together and this came after the former gave the latter the sum of N100,000 in order to continue his HIV treatment. Afterwards, James had this to say about Bobrisky;

“I was happy and inspired when I met Bobrisky. I was about to perform on stage at the birthday party when the police officials came to arrest some guys and girls. I didn’t even know my video would go viral like that. I had to talk back at the policemen because I was being accused wrongly and I had to defend myself.

“They accused me wrongly because I act feminine when I talk and being feminine is not a crime; I have always been like this since I was a child. I was about eight years old when I started dancing; I used to stay with my grandma and she was the only person that was supporting me at that time.”

As stated earlier, James’ became an internet sensation and trended for a couple of hours after his video got shared on the social media spectrum by American rapper 50 Cent. James also mentioned that his parents are not supportive of his feminine personality. This was what James said;

“I was happy when 50 Cent reposted the video because he said something nice about it. This new fame that has found me has opened many doors for me, but the sad thing is that my parents are not in support of what I am doing. I intend to use this avenue to start making income for myself.

“My dad doesn’t believe I can make a living from my fame; I need to convince him by becoming the real celebrity people want me to be,” he said.

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James who had suffered from HIV since he was a child mentioned that he felt alienated for a while but he is glad that Bobrisky has inspired him and he is sincerely thankful.

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