November 24, 2017

Borno to build 2,000 schools for orphans

Borno to build 2,000 schools for orphans

The Borno State Government has said that it is constructing a boarding school for 2,000 children whose parents were killed by Boko Haram insurgents. According to the state government, the school, with boarding facilities is almost completed.

Commissioner for Education in the state, Musa Inuwa, who said this in a telephone interview with our correspondent on Wednesday, added that the state needs about 3,000 teachers to replace those who were killed or maimed by the insurgents.

He said, “Many communities have been liberated and people are going back to their communities. But, children without parents cannot go back with them because there is nobody they will live with. The intention is to house children without parents by constructing a boarding primary and secondary school.

At least, we are going to enroll 1,000 males and 1,000 females. The school is 80 percent completed and it will take off any moment from now.” Read more 

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