June 19, 2018

Breaking news – February 15th declared “Side Chick Day” – Toni Kan’t

Breaking news – February 15th declared  “Side Chick Day” – Toni Kan’t

Despite claims that he is being forced to resign, emerging signs indicate that the Acting President is slowly but surely stamping his authority.

After sending Justice Onnoghen’s name to the Senate for confirmation, the not-so-tall but mighty award winning lawyer has taken another bold step with a very bold declaration.

A statement credited to the Senior Special Assistant Media for Other Room Matters has announced that February 15 is now National Side Chick day.

“The Acting President has declared that February 15 be declared “Side Chick” day to take care of Side Chicks who will not even be allowed into the other other other room on Valentine’s Day. The Acting President is mindful of the precarious security situation in the country and is proactively averting crisis. In this recession, women are no longer smiling and so could pull a Tuface type stunt post Valentine. Infact two days ago, men of the customs service seized a container load of caps, t-shirts and placards with the hashtag – #IstandWithSideChicks.”


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