Breaking news – Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Darkness

Breaking news – Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Darkness

2Travelers flying into Nigeria via the Murtala Mohammed International airport are stuck.

The airport, Nigeria’s premier gate way, is in pitch darkness. There is no power and so no light for Custom and Immigration officials to process incoming passengers including Nigerian nationals and foreigners.

“My plane landed at 2.15pm and up till now we have not been through immigration,” said Bond, a Nigerian who flew in on an Emirate flight and who spoke to from the airport. “We are stuck here with no immigration officers to stamp us in. There is no light for them to work.”


Passengers, he said, were using their cell phones to navigate and raised voices could be heard in the background as we spoke.


This is the second time in weeks that the airport has been plunged into darkness thanks to power failure posing not just public relations issues but serious security concerns for a country that is fighting insurencies on many fronts.


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