Brewery Creates Beer Out of Leftover Bread to Tackle Food Waste

Brewery Creates Beer Out of Leftover Bread to Tackle Food Waste

Adian, 40, said their new beer has opened up the company’s eyes to the issue of waste. He said: ‘Our Thorough Bread beer came about through a discussion about the volume of bread that is wasted going to landfill here on the Isle of Bute. ‘Because we are a tourist destination there needs to be enough bread made for all the weekend visitors.

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‘But if the weather is particularly bad and the visitors don’t come bread sales drop and that bread goes to landfill.’ The brewers were also inspired by chef Jamie Oliver who featured on a TV programme using stale bread to make beer.

Aidan said: ‘We had a pretty tight brew schedule and the bread beer is quite intensive. ‘The bread needs to be gathered and cut, then we toast it in our pizza ovens at the end of the weekend.’ ‘The result was great. The beer had another depth of flavour brought by the toasted sugars in the bread. ‘So now we have a really good tasting beer and it really took off in our tap room.

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According to Metro, ‘Customers loved the circular economy story and loved the beer. ‘The first batch disappeared much quicker that’s we imagined and customers were asking for more’.

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