May 26, 2018

Brexit: Microsoft raises prices of some PCs

Brexit: Microsoft raises prices of some PCs

Microsoft has increased the price of its Surface and Surface Book computers in the UK by more than 15%, or £400 for some models, due to sterling’s drop in the value post-EU referendum.

The price increase comes in the wake of similar moves by Sonos and twice by Apple, which saw the cost of computers, speakers and apps rise by as much as 25% adjusting for the falling value of sterling against the dollar, in which Microsoft and other US technology firms do their accounting.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “In response to a recent review we are adjusting the British pound prices of some of our hardware and consumer software in order to align to market dynamics. For indirect sales where our products and services are sold through partners, final prices will continue to be determined by them.” From the Microsoft Store, the Surface Book now starts at £1,449, up £150 and 11.5% from £1,299 a week ago, while the top-end Surface Book now costs £400 more. While the starting price of the Surface Pro 4 remains at its original £749 mark, some models are up to £160 more expensive. Read more 

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