July 23, 2018

Bros, fashi lyrics, just do it – Iboro Tonye Edet

Bros, fashi lyrics, just do it – Iboro Tonye Edet
Rachel was a sight to behold. One you would describe as ‘drop dead gorgeous’.
No wonder Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off her from the moment they settled on her. As a matter of fact, he worked fourteen years to make sure he got the girl of his dreams. Nothing and no one, not even Laban her father and his scheming could stop him from having Rachel.
I really want to hope beyond hope that we still have men in this age who would go that far for a woman they claim to love. How many men today can endure 7 years of frustration just because they wan to marry one fine girl? I’m sure you would hear or read things like “is she the only beautiful girl on the planet? Abeg make she and her papa waka joor…there are lots of fish in the ocean. #movingontothenextprettyyoungthing. 
But Jacob couldn’t care less. He just had to have Rachel. I wonder why he didn’t wait to get to Laban’s house before his heart was made up. I mean, after all, his father told him “Get a wife for yourself from the daughters of your uncle Laban”(Genesis 28:2)  My emphasis on daughters; Laban had more than one daughter. Had I been there, I probably would have said to Jacob, “bros, chill. If this one that is a shepherd is this fine, why not wait and see the others at home. Maybe they’re too fine that’s why their father is hiding them.” Yeah, I know…I would have ended up wrong but at least he would have still had room to make a fair comparison. Anyways, God knows the end from the beginning that’s why I had no business being in that picture. I probably would have been a spoil sport, throwing sand-sand into Rachel’s garri.
So back to this love story- Who would blame Jacob? The first time he sees the fairest of maidens, he is taken over with supernatural or should I say ‘super powers’ that he single-handedly rolls a stone from the mouth of the well that ordinarily would take a number of people to move before they could water their sheep. This reminds me of one of Celine Dion’s song Miles to go. In one of the lines she sings, “I would carry the rock of Gibraltar just for you/ lifted like a pebble from the beach to the skies”. That is exactly what Jacob did for love, for Rachel.
Omo, back in those days, you didn’t need lyrics to prove your love- Nike pay-off was the way to go “Just do it!”
So, brothers, and I am talking to those not yet married- my point in this long story is if you say you love a girl and are willing to go to any length for her, can you wait 14 years for her hand whilst being frustrated by her father? Can you be her hero and single-handedly do what most men can’t do?
Love isn’t all about lyrics bro…Just do it!

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