Bros, when it comes to hustling, Asians are No.1 by Tee

Bros, when it comes to hustling, Asians are No.1 by Tee

I now consider myself somewhat of a pro when it comes to Asia, so from time to time I will be dishing out advice to you my dear brothers and sisters.

Today I plead with you; please do not come to Asia to hustle oh, there is no hope for you here. I am saying this because I love you all, I don’t want you to get disappointed, and I want to expose all the lies your brothers and sisters have been telling you over the years.

First of all, the streets here are not paved with gold.

Brunei the green heart of Borneo

Secondly life is hard everywhere.

Thirdly some countries in Europe like Sweden, because of their population encourage immigrants. Note that the continent of Asia does not need immigrants as their population is unbelievably enormous, there is literally not enough walking space for pedestrians or road space for vehicles. So in black and white, they do not need you to add to their already huge population.

Fourthly Asians are one of the most hardworking race in the world. It is now common knowledge that Japanese kids spend about the longest hours in school. We all know that China has become a strong production hub in the world. Almost everything produced now comes from Asia example China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. I wonder when Mandarin will become the official business language in the world.

So, what am I trying to say? Simple, my brother, you cannot hustle more than the Asians o. I do not think that there is any race that can hustle more than them. If you want to start your hustle with working menial jobs like cleaning toilets you will not succeed because for every toilet you clean an Asian will clean twenty within the same time frame, cleaning the toilets and smiling all the time after hours and hours of scrubbing. If you think I am lying when next you go to Dubai please use the airport toilet, they will welcome you with a smile as you smell the lovely fragrance from the toilet, and they will bid you farewell with a smile, thanking you for polluting the air, as they pick up their spray bottle with water and soap to begin cleaning as soon as you leave.


Let’s talk about medicine, last time I checked Europe has a lot of immigrant doctors and majority of them are Indians (back to the Asian roots again). Nigerians now go all the way to India for medical services. Medical Tourism to India has become a big deal.


When it comes to babysitting Asians are the best, their curriculum vitae always states the following


  • Can take care of kids
  • Can do laundry
  • Can tend to the garden
  • Can remove all the cobwebs in the house
  • Can bathe the dog.
  • Can walk the dog
  • Can mend your torn clothes
  • Can cook whatever meals

My God is there nothing this people cannot do? Everything can be done by them. They are not ordinary human beings I must say. So tell me why will Nigerians come to Asia and say they are coming to hustle and make it big. My brother you cannot work under the scorching sun for hours, only stopping for a few minutes just to drink hot water from the water bottle. A word is enough for the wise.

I have said it a hundred times; do not listen to anybody that tells you that you can make it within a year in Asia. Their hustle is on another level. They are really examples of small but mighty. I call them machines that never need refurbishing. Be wise.

It is time to go back to my boring life. Will be back soon with more advice.


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