Brussels: Prosecutors charge two men with terrorist activities

Brussels: Prosecutors charge two men with terrorist activities

Belgian prosecutors have charged two terrorist suspects in connection with the suicide-bomb attacks on Brussels airport and metro which killed 31 and injured 300.

One of the men, referred to by prosecutors as Fayçal C, was charged with participation in a terrorist group, terrorist killings and attempted terrorist killings.

Fayçal C was arrested by police on Thursday night in Brussels as he was standing outside the federal prosecutor’s office in the centre of the city. A search was then carried out at Fayçal C’s home. No arms or explosives were found. Belgian authorities have not said whether Fayçal C might have been pictured on CCTV in connection to the Brussels attacks. There have been media reports that have linked the newly named suspect with the “man in white” pictured moments before the airport attack. This has not been independently verified. Read more

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