March 23, 2019

Brymo Performs Naked in UK (Video)

Brymo Performs Naked in UK (Video)

Nigerian singer Brymo stripped naked during a live concert in the UK during the performance of his controversial single ‘Heya’.

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The former Chocolate city labelmate singer has been under scrutiny since the release of the video for the single which he released in 2017. He wore a sling to cover his private part and in prior interviews, he explained the primary reasons why he goes naked to perform the song:

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Brymo performs naked in the UK

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Brymo commented after the performance:

The song is an expression of my environment. I like to paint as much as I can and I think that most of us are bush people, even though we live in cities. The video portrayed a bush man living in the city. If you look around, you wouldn’t see much evidence of civilisation.

We did not create most of the things that we use in this country and that’s not good. We need to think, he stated.

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He denied the claim that he was trying to pull a publicity stunt with his ‘bare’ body antics, he simply said the song is about expression and it has deeper meaning that is affiliated with our culture and tradition. The song received credible amount of airplay on the radio, but the video didn’t enjoy equal attention.

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