May 20, 2018



buddha“Abel Dike!”

It was a female voice and there was some tentativeness to it, like the caller wasn’t sure. Abel turned round and screamed.

“Calista Adeyemi!”

“It’s a lie,” she cried as they hugged. “Where did you fall out from?”

“Asaba,” he said smiling and giddy with joy.

“What are you doing in Lagos? You left Asaba, have you?,” She asked guiding him downstairs to the fast food restaurant.

They found a seat and laughing like the young girl he used to know, she took his hands in hers and whispered like a shy school girl, “I have missed you, Mister Dike.”

‘And me, you,” he said and meant it.

They had gone out for three years back at the University and he always remembered how Soni would always tease:  “Bros, so you are going to have sex with only one girl in this school?”

They went out for three years, lived together for two and then split after graduation when she had to go abroad for her masters and he had refused to marry her and become a British citizen.

‘You broke my heart so badly I am still picking up the pieces,” she said.

Calista had always been open about her feelings.

“I am sorry but I was too young and you were just too focused,” he told her

She held her gaze for a while, a smile dancing around the edges of her full lips. She hadn’t changed much even though age had given her face more character. She still had the dimple in one cheek, the twinkle in her eyes and the crow’s feet still appeared when she smiled. Her teeth were still white and as even as he remembered them and deep in her eyes he could see that she still had it for him.

“So, how many kids do you have now?”

“None, yet. You?”

“None. Haven’t found someone to marry me. You married?” he asked and she shook her head.

“Nope. You used me up,” she told him. “You left nothing of value.” She said and laughed and he was transported to the University of Jos.

It was a Friday morning and they were making love and for some reason she was having these multiple orgasms and she always had the giggles whenever she came. It went on and on and suddenly there was a banging on the door. Abel ignored it at first but the person was insistent so he asked who it was.

“It’s Erastus,” the voice said. It was his neighbour.

“What’s up, Erastus?” Abel asked. “You need the iron?”

“No. It’s Lent, Abel and some of us are fasting, please.”

They had stopped but whenever either of them felt like making love the person would say, ‘I am fasting, please.’ It became a sort of code.

“So, what brings you to Lagos?”

“My brother is missing.”

“Nine Inches?”

“Yes, the same one.”

“Sorry to hear that. What happened?”

He filled her in as fast he could. He was tired of telling the story.

“That’s so sad. I work for the Lagos state government in the Governor’s office. If you come by, I could introduce you to the CSO. Maybe he can help with the police. The police always needs to be prodded you know.”

“Thanks,” Abel said wondering how just sitting there and talking to her, it didn’t feel as if there had been a ten year hiatus.

“So, you came to see a movie?” she asked.

“No. I came to buy my drugs. My knuckles were hurting when I woke up this morning.”

“Really, you still have those?” she had experienced and seen him through more than a dozen episodes back in school.

“Yes, but not as often as I used to. I haven’t in four years but I suspect the stress is finally getting to me.”

“If you are free, we could drive down to my place. I stay at 1004. I could make you jollof rice and smoked fish.”

“You still remember?” he asked and she had smiled a knowing smile.

They walked out together and drove to her place, Abel driving behind her Kia Sportage SUV.

She lived in one of the duplexes. The interior was simple and colourfully done up in pastels.

“You want a drink while I cook,” she called from the kitchen but Abel didn’t answer. Instead he walked up to her, held her from behind and said “I thought you were fasting.”

There was the briefest pause as her brows furrowed, then she smiled in remembrance as she turned to kiss him standing on tip toe like she used to.

He kissed her back, his body responding to her like it hadn’t to anyone else in years.

“Show me your bed,” he said nibbling on her ears as she led him upstairs, like a lamb to his shearers.

The next time he visited, Calista had her bath robe on when she answered the door and immediately Abel stepped into the living room, he tugged at the sash and the robe came undone. She was naked underneath. Abel went on his knees and buried his face between her legs, inhaling her deeply.

“Have you eaten,” she asked stroking his head like a mother to a wayward child.

“This is what I want to eat,” he said as he lifted her up and carried her upstairs.

Abel drifted off to sleep after their lovemaking and by the time he woke up Calista had made lunch and laid the table.

They ate and returned to bed. “Hold me,” Abel said and she held him and once again he was a twenty two year old who had just received word that his father was dead. Soni had gone drinking once the news was broken to them and he would be carried back to the room hours later, totally drunk.

Abel on the other hand had found Calista and snuggled up to her, crying and talking, pouring out his fears, his angst and his inner-most thoughts.

That was almost fourteen years ago but once again, he was back in that place and Calista was there with a thirsty ear to lap up his stream of words.

Now, leaning against the wall, away from the bed, Abel watched her sitting there, her naked pubis fringed by the light fluff that tapered into the parted folds of her labia. He regarded her with a cocked brow, suddenly lightheaded from a surfeit of desire. She seemed to him like a deep well from which he was would never be able to drink enough, but there was, above all, in that pose a quality that made her look like a goddess; his petite Buddha of desire.

Abel, pushed her back on the bed and mounted her like an eager steed and this time there was not just the need, there was hunger, an insatiable hunger.

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