July 17, 2018

BUHARI and the promise of change by Echezonachukwu Nduka

BUHARI and the promise of change by Echezonachukwu Nduka

Change over Baton 1

The New Nigeria is here and many Nigerians are overly optimistic; their optimism seems to have overridden the many challenges in Nigeria at the moment, one of which is the fact that many citizens will spend hours in queues to buy petrol so as to watch the inauguration ceremony with the aid of generators. Before we get carried away, I would like to firmly call on everyone to support this new government in every possible way and to also hold them accountable.

In addition, I must state here that this newly acquired attitude of deriding leaders has to stop if must make any headway and avoid unnecessary distractions. Our immediate past president was called ‘clueless’ so much so that the man almost became synonymous with the word. Even till this moment, if anyone says ‘clueless’, your mind recalls GEJ.


Even before GMB’s inauguration as president, some people christened him ‘brainless’. We all know very well that this does not help anybody, nor does it solve issues. It is possible to not agree with people (especially your leaders) without calling them offensive names. I am forced to think that those who shout “clueless!” actually have clues and those who shout “brainless!” do have brains themselves. We all know that some leaders are wont to take certain ridiculous actions to the detriment of the people. But come on, how many times have you insulted your father and uncles for disagreeing with them? I like the person of GEJ, but I disagreed with some of his decisions, actions, reactions, and inactions which I would not want to reiterate here.

It is also very possible to argue and make your points without resorting to insults and mudslinging. I tell you, it is one of the easiest ways of actually proving your education. Not all who went to school are educated! I am sure we all know this already. While GEJ didn’t bother so much about people who insulted him, do not be carried away in the present administration.


I heartily congratulate our erstwhile President. He has played his part. Although he had his flaws (which we all do), he has proven to the world that the presidency is not his birthright. The man kept his word. If you like, argue from today till the trumpet sounds. Even with that obvious wide margin during the elections, he would have truncated the whole process if he was power-drunk and people who keep arguing that he “did what he had to do” (or he had no option) would actually not find the mouth with which to say those things today. Unless, of course, it would be people like me who, in faraway countries, sit in front of their laptops and type all sorts of things.

It is on record that President Buhari said these words to Former President Goodluck Jonathan: “You have earned yourself a place in Nigeria’s history for stabilizing our democracy. If you wanted to make things difficult, you could have but you didn’t and for that, you have won the respect of world leaders”. Those who still like to argue, you are on your own. For now, let us leave everything to posterity. Let me quickly say that all GEJ supporters who openly or secretly wish the new President to fail do not mean well for Nigeria. I do not know what you hope to achieve if you belong in this category. Even if GMB fails, GEJ won’t be back as president, and their elections will never be conducted again. So, what exactly is your problem? (or should I say your point?) Let go, brother. Let go, sister. Support the new man. I tell you, it will not put your ‘GEJite’ loyalty to question. It is possible to support the new administration and still be a fan of GEJ. Don’t kill yourself too soon. These politicians will party tonight and you won’t be there!

General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari

I wish our new President well. He will not deny the fact that Nigerians were tired of the status-quo and were in urgent need of redemption, hence his emergence. May he never forget his promises. Nigerians are looking up to him. He will lead well, I believe. While it is true that there are too many challenges in Nigeria at the moment, it is in this same spirit of optimism that I write to welcome us all to the dawn of a new era.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you welcome to a new Nigeria.

Long Live Nigeria.

© Echezonachukwu Nduka 2015


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