May 24, 2018

Buhari needs more of our prayers now! – Niran Adedokun

Buhari needs more of our prayers now! – Niran Adedokun

I  join all Nigerians of goodwill in welcoming President Muhammadu Buhari back home.

And I’m praying that God stretches out his healing hand and perfects the President’s health.  Even a mad man will acknowledge that Buhari is a decent man who means well for Nigeria even if he doesn’t have all the capacity.  And that should not be a problem. No man really does have it all, which is why I’ll add another point to my prayer for the President; may he find the grace to see competent helpers for himself and allow them do the job.

It is one thing to have all the brains in the country in your cabinet but another to rein in your own “I  know it all; I can do it all mentality.” We actually do need some sparkle of brilliance in this administration now that PMB is back.

Buhari was at his candid best when he arrived on Friday. Even though his managers had attempted to manipulate our minds by changing their song from “seeking medical attention” to  he only needed to go through some medical examinations and then he is not suffering from any life-threatening condition.

PMB told us the story himself on Friday. Only the grace of God kept him, he could not remember ever being so sick all his life, not even with all the demands of the army which he served for decades. And I imagine that every single Nigerian who has blood flowing in him should feel some catharsis at this point, the point that we should have been months ago had there been no attempts to take us for fools. The President then thanked Nigerians for their prayers and asked them to pray for him and nation.

That Nigerians, most especially self-declared supporters of the President are following his charge is however terribly in doubt, not with the gloating that has visited social media this weekend.

You, of course cannot begrudge anyone for being effusive in their joy over the return of their political hero, but that the old war between a group of people derogatorily referred to as ‘wailers’ and those who assume the moral stance of ‘hailers’ would resurface at this time, is to say the least shocking. I saw countless posts about how wailers should cover their faces in shame over the president’s return and couldn’t but wonder what all that is about.

Nigerians asked legitimate questions about the seven-week absence of PMB and those are questions that should occur to anyone to whom the demands of citizenship mean anything. Can we say for instance that the administration has handled the illness of the president well as far as the people who elected him into office are concerned? If we cannot, so why do we classify some people as enemies of the president simply because they asked questions?

Even now that the President has returned for a few weeks as he indicated, would it be wrong to ask why the President did not just conclude his treatment before returning? Seeing how frail he looks and the effort with which he speaks, wouldn’t it have been less strenuous to get him to speak with Nigerians while abroad and stay back until he has fully recovered?

Did the President fly to Nigeria on the recommendation of power mongers who, desirous of punctuating his stay with this brief appearance for the sake of legitimacy, persuaded or forced him on the plane?

While it would be presumptuous to conclude that this is the case, it is also not out of place given the fact of our past experiences with those who held power to ransom. Those ones neither care about the health of their principal nor the sanity of the country. All that concerns them is their own ability to continue to hang around the power house, dictating the pace of things and making pecuniary gains.

But those who truly love this country and the president should  not just pray for him but insist that he doesn’t bite into tedious business of governance until he is totally healthy and back in form.

This precipitous triumphalism gives us away as a people not given to deep reflection , which is a major part of the reason our country is where it is. Let us pray for the President’s full recovery while he still takes time to recuperate.  Anyone who says anything to the contrary is, unknown to him, the one who hates PMB and actually wishes him dead!

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