March 22, 2019

Butt exercises J.Lo swears by to try

Butt exercises J.Lo swears by to try

There’s nothing wrong with squats; I like programming them to help increase overall lower-body strength. But if your goal is to transform your butt and build muscle, squats alone won’t cut it. The reason being that squats are quadricep dominant, meaning your quadriceps (thigh muscles) are the main muscles targeted when performing squats.

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That being said, if done correctly, you should feel your butt working as you squat since the gluteus maximus (your butt muscles) act as a synergist, muscles that help create the movement, but it’s not the best exercise for building muscle in your backside.

You don’t have to cut squats out of your workout plan completely, but if you want a larger butt, the best exercises to do are the ones that primarily target the gluteus muscles. Ahead, you’ll find 15 exercises that will work your glute muscles like no other.

Just in case you were wondering, this is not a workout. Doing all 15 exercises at once will make it insanely hard and uncomfortable to walk, sit down, and do anything else without pain. Instead, choose three to four exercises (avoid choosing every glute bridge variation to do at once) to add to a lower-body or total-body workout.

Check out my favorite butt exercises ahead and don’t forget to activate your glute muscles before you do them to maximize your results.

Fire Hydrant Exercise
Weighted Glute Bridge
Bulgarian Split Squat
Lateral Band Walk
Dumbbell Walking Lunge
Romanian Deadlift
Barbell Hip Thrust
Donkey Kick
Leg Press
Single-Leg Bridge
Reverse Lunge With a Knee Drive
Hamstring Curl
Hex Bar Deadlift
Glute Kickback
Cable Machine Romanian Deadlift

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