June 21, 2018

Is Caesarean section good or bad? Tell us – Emeka Nwolisa

Is Caesarean section good or bad? Tell us – Emeka Nwolisa

What a gwan? Ras kimono asked in his popular album of the same title.

Plenty, jah man, especially with regard to Caesarean section.

There are very few medical procedures that are as controversial as caesarean section also known as C-section or C/S.

Everyone has an opinion on it….from the doctor to pastors/imams to the lay man on the street. It has been praised, maligned, castigated, bound and delivered.

If it were human, it probably would have sued for libel severally. It has also been the object and subject of testimonies in several faith based gatherings.

C/S don hear am!
What really is Caesarean section?

It is a medical procedure which involves the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. A caesarean section is often performed when delivery through the vagina route would put the baby or mother at risk.

The reasons for the procedure are myriad. A C/S is termed elective if it is scheduled in advance or an emergency one if needed due to an unforeseen complication.

Caesarean section has been part of human history since ancient times. The origin of the procedure is shrouded in myths and mysteries. According to Greek mythology, Apollo carried out the first C/S when he removed Asclepius from his mother’s abdomen. Asclepius eventually became the ancient Greek god of medicine and was also credited with powers of prophecy. Even the origin of the term “caesarean” is also controversial.

It is commonly believed to be derived from the surgical birth of Julius Caesar, however this seems unlikely since his mother Aurelia is reputed to have lived to hear of Caesar’s invasion of Britain. At that time of Caesar’s birth, the procedure was performed only when the mother was dead or dying, as an attempt to save the child.

In the course of time through the ages, the indications or reasons for C/S have also changed dramatically from the initial purpose which was essentially to retrieve the infant from the womb of a dead or dying mother.

Often times now, people even sign up for elective C/S for totally non medical reasons, like having same birthday as one’s child or having one’s child born on a culturally or religiously unique day.

In Nigeria, Caesarean section is still perceived as an abnormal means of delivery by a large percentage of women and the general public. This belief has largely been shaped by culture and religion.

Some religious groups out rightly condemn and reject it. While in some cultures C/S is perceived as a curse on an unfaithful woman. Women who deliver by C/S are also often regarded as weaklings who are not woman enough to go through the excruciating pain of vaginal delivery.

C/S is also viewed with suspicion, fear, guilt, and even anger.

As a result of this negative perception, there is intense reluctance in accepting C/S which often times is the best option in managing many complications that arise during child birth. The resultant effects include severe birth asphyxia, birth injuries and occasionally death of both mother and baby.

Bottom line, Caesarean section no bi curse………if the come comes to become according to K.O. Mbadiwe, accept it and save a life. The life you save may be yours!





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