June 18, 2018

Call For Entries: Swipes and Strictures – Poems, Drawings and Cartoons

Call For Entries: Swipes and Strictures – Poems, Drawings and Cartoons

Swipes and Strictures: Poems, Drawings and Cartoons on Nigeria’s Political Experience

 Edited by ChuuKrydz Ikwuemesi and Ifii Mojekwu


The good and the bad form the general binary in every facet of existence. In governance, the good is also contrasted against the bad. In other words, governance can be positively and negatively essentialized, depending on its characteristics and those who populate and dramatize government. In Nigeria, since independence, while politicians have been accused of political arrogance, most of the governments have been accused of bad governance in one form or another.

Democracy, that tyranny of the majority, has easily been seen in Nigeria as the decentralization of violence and corruption.  But if we argue that governance in these parts have been mostly bad, against what local contextual experience is this “badness” contrasted? Or is it that much or little of the experience has been relatively good? This may be the concern of political historians and social critics. But politics and governance have not worried students of political science alone. Issues at the heart of politics, politicians and the art of governance have also worried artists and fueled their imagination towards the creation of masterpieces both in the visual and literary arts.

It is in a bid to exploit and extend this pattern that we call for poems, drawings and cartoons on political arrogance and of bad governance to be published by the PanAfrika Press under the title, Swipes and Strictures: Poems, Drawingsand Cartoons Nigeria’s Political Experience. The book, to be presented in Awka, in November 2015, will be dedicated to elder literary critic and statesman, Prof. Ben Obumselufor his contribution to literary studies and nation building.


We invite young and seasoned poets and artists to submit a maximum of two poems and/or drawings or cartoons (pen and ink only) on the above theme. All submissions should be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] before June 30, 2015.  Drawings and cartoons are expected to be of high resolution to enhance reproduction.

Contributors will be notified of the acceptance or otherwise of their works by July 30, 2015.   There are no publication fees/charges for authors. Each contributor will receive two complimentary copies of the book. Contributors will be encouraged to attend the book presentation in Awka.

Within the broad theme of bad governance, poets and artists are invited to engage such related issues as: rigging, political violence, thuggery, corruption, bribery, the rich-poor divide, mass impoverishment, personality cult in politics, so-called democracy dividends, selfish leadership, underdevelopment, and the decentralization of violence and corruption in the name of democracy.

Any other relevant sub themes in the form of drawings or poems are welcome for consideration.

Deadline for submission is June 30, 2015.

All submissions are to be accompanied by a brief bio of the poet or artist not exceeding 30 words.

For further enquiry, call 08037244485 or 08166388427.


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