July 17, 2018

Can your boss be your friend on Facebook? No! – Jite Efemuaye

Can your boss be your friend on Facebook? No! – Jite Efemuaye

Your boss is not your friend. Stand in front of your mirror and repeat that to yourself every morning before you go to work. It will help you. Let’s proceed. A friend recently sent me a message on bbm asking whether if she blocked someone on Facebook whether the person would know. She went on to explain that the person had not yet sent her a friend request but she was anticipating it. Who? I asked. My madam was the reply. I LOLed and told her, no, the person won’t know (I’m not quite sure my reply was correct). I know people – not me, my bosses are amazing angels – whose bosses are the bane of their social media existence.

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Almost everyone checks Facebook while they’re at work, but most are not careful not to post anything during working hours; and mind you, comments and likes on posts can be seen whether they’re friends with the person or not. It will surprise you one day, discussing a totally unrelated matter and your boss hits you with, ‘So you’re spending company time on social media, right?’ ‘Ah, no sir, I don’t do that at the office.’ And he’ll whip out his device and start giving you stats. ‘On Monday you liked a picture of a baby. On that same Monday at 11.02am when I had just finished asking you to prepare a report you commented LOL on a post making fun of Arsenal. . .’ (insert glare here, if your boss is an Arsenal fan). Having your boss as your friend also makes you super conscious about what you post even off work hours. You totally cannot gripe about work or your colleagues, there’ll always be that ‘what if my oga sees this?’ sensor in your head. Luckily for me, my job demands that I be on social media all day so I do not have this challenge. Any gbeborun is in the line of duty. For those of you who do, how are you able to have a happy social media life and not piss off your boss? Here are a few suggestions that might help.

  1. Don’t send or accept a friend request from your boss. Be it the oga pata pata or your line manager. If you’re already friends with your boss, you can be bold and go the unfriend/block route. Or you can hack their account and unfollow yourself so they can’t see your activity.
  2. Become proactive. Share your company posts constantly. That way you can squeeze in some me time and it will go unnoticed. Or ignored.
  3. Turn your Facebook account into Linkedin. Basically only say good things about your job, and give career advice. No more pictures with the boys with nkwobi and crate of Star on the table.
  4. Open another Facebook account and not be friends with your boss on that account.

Oya, add your own suggestions.

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  1. Viva Naija

    This is a well-known big deal here in the UK now and is typically written in most employment contracts. You could lose your job if you are thrash-talking your company on social media, or if you call in sick and there’s a picture of you sitting on a roller-coaster when you should be at work.

    Even if you do not violate any of the office policies, do you really want your boss seeing pictures of you in your bikini when you were on that holiday last year?

    Most bosses won’t even send you friend’s requests, HR departments have nondescript Facebook accounts and they will just silently be following you.

    A savvy professional typically has 2 accounts – a personal for friends that’s locked tighter than Fort Knox, and a ‘gbogbo ero’ account. Personal accounts usually go by the name “Lily Wundermaus” or something 🙂

  2. Tiencepay

    I work in a creative industry, and I am a writer, a creator and a living being before I am an employee.
    Having gotten that point. I shall proceed to say.
    I have a voice. A fury road drive to jerk off my opinion on everything that calls my attention.
    I have a tab for facebook opened most days on my laptop and well… yea my boss is my friend.
    I get job done, I deliver.
    The weirdest things tickle my creativity- the whistle from the kettle boiling, a post on Facebook, my middle finger, and sometimes, I need to see an artistic movie like AUSTRALIA (2008) to fine tune my reasoning if I ever want to succeed at the day’s demand.
    So… you cannot feed me roasted plantain and expect my fart taste of cinnamon.
    I remain loyal to the weird things that inspire me. And if my boss is watching, well… I get job done, don’t I?


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