Car thief tells police he was tired of walking

Car thief tells police he was tired of walking

A homeless man who said he stole a car because he was tired of walking is facing trial on multiple charges after Kent County deputies found a handgun and components of a methamphetamine lab in the vehicle and his backpack. Jay Allin Pluskhat was spotted driving a stolen 2002 Chevrolet Malibu last month on 17 Mile Road near White Creek Avenue NE. Kent County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Kelley nabbed Pluskhat Oct. 17 outside the Cedar Springs Meijer store, court records show.

“He said that he was walking down the road, got tired and decided he needed to take a car,’’ police wrote in a probable cause affidavit. Pluskhat said he looked for a car with the keys in it and came upon the Malibu on 14 Mile Road near Shaner Avenue NE, court records show.

The car contained a .40-caliber Glock handgun with ammunition. “Pluskhat admitted to finding a pistol inside the vehicle after he stole it,’’ a detective wrote in a probable cause affidavit. “He thought about throwing it out of the window but decided against it and instead stashed it in his backpack.’’

Police found the gun along with components to make methamphetamine, court records show. The components included two 20-ounce soda bottles “and the mixture inside the bottles were components to make methamphetamine.’’ Additional meth-making ingredients were found in his backpack, court records show. Read more

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