March 22, 2019

Cathay Pacific Says 9.4 Million Passengers’ Personal Data Leaked in Security Breach

Cathay Pacific Says 9.4 Million Passengers’ Personal Data Leaked in Security Breach


Cathay Pacific says the latest security breach in the aviation industry resulted in the personal data of up to 9.4 million of its passengers being accessed.

Rupert Hogg, the chief executive of Cathay apologized for the breach but said there was ‘no evidence’ the information had been misused.

Sensitive data including passport numbers, email addresses and expired credit card details were part of the information leaked.

The Cathay hack comes only weeks after British Airways suffered a major compromise of its customers’ personal data.

Cathay has said no passwords were compromised in the breach though.

‘We are very sorry for any concern this data security event may cause our passengers,’ the airline’s chief executive Rupert Hogg said in a statement.

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He said there was ‘no evidence that any personal data has been misused’ and that the airline was in the process of contacting affected passengers.

‘We acted immediately to contain the event, commence a thorough investigation with the assistance of a leading cybersecurity firm, and to further strengthen our IT security measures,’ Mr. Hogg said.

The Cathay hack is the most recent to hit the aviation industry.

British Airways revealed its website and app were hacked and the personal information of its customers was accessed.

In August, Air Canada suffered the loss of thousands of its customers’ details due to security breaches

Delta Airlines said credit card details of thousands of customers were exposed following a cyber-attack on a vendor in April.

The increasing occurrence of hacks has become a concern in the aviation industry, especially in an age where data protection has become quite a contentious issue.

The ‘industrial data complex,’ – as termed by Apple CEO Cook when describing the multi-billion industry of advertising that feeds off the personal data market – has also worsened the occurrence with the reality of high financial incentives for hackers who perpetrate this crime.

Shares of Cathay Pacific tumbled nearly 6% in Hong Kong trading on Thursday



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