CBD is America’s New Fad Ingredient

CBD is America’s New Fad Ingredient


Lacing food with marijuana may have been an action described as dodgy or even sinister but now, CBD has become the latest fad ingredient used in drinks, desserts and other foods in the US.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 60 cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant (more commonly known as marijuana).

Unlike THC, the most well-known cannabinoid, CBD has no psychoactive effects. So, while it won’t get you high, its reported therapeutic properties have driven CBD sales and popularity in the wellness industry.

While researchers are still trying to determine CBD’s effects, some studies suggest it can help treat inflammation, pain, anxiety and seizures.

The controversy around this superfood stems from inconsistent cannabis regulation at the federal and state level. Despite growing legalization, the DEA still considers cannabis — including CBD, unless sourced from industrial hemp — an illegal drug.

To date, the FDA hasn’t approved any CBD products apart from an epilepsy drug called Epidiolex. State laws vary and are changing all the time.

Take California, a state with legalized recreational cannabis and a famously vibrant cannabis cuisine scene: Just this summer, the California Department of Public Health stopped the sale of CBD additives in food and drink until it receives full FDA approval.

This has moved businesses already serving the option to customers to adjust their menu to accommodate the rule.

Some fancy culinary creations that spot the substance include:

The Stoney Negroni, Rolled Fashioned, and the Bakin’ & Eggs, which is made with Pineau des Charente, Lillet Blanc, blood orange bitters, egg white, and garnished with crisped bacon.

Teetotalers can get in on the action too, thanks to an equally thoughtful selection of CBD mocktails made with Seedlip, a swanky, non-alcoholic distilled spirit. Not thirsty? Also on offer are entrees with a side of AB CBD sauce or a pillowy blob of CBD-infused whipped cream to top off dessert.

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