Celebrating World Music Day at The New Afrika Shrine – Toni Kan

Celebrating World Music Day at The New Afrika Shrine – Toni Kan

The New Afrika Shrine played host to an excited mass of revelers on Saturday June 23, 2018.

There was singing and dancing, drinking and smoking with everyone having a good time as musicians took to the stage to dish out melodious tunes that had the audience dancing and sweating till the early morning.

The occasion was the annual World Music Day or what the French call Fête de la Musique. Though the day is commemorated on June 21 every year, the French Embassy decided to celebrate it on the 23rd, a Saturday, with a musical feast that was a cornucopia of sounds and genres and influences.

Reggae artiste, Skata Vibration was a sensation while Po-Boy, a guitar twanging French Afrobeat enthusiast went on a crazy solo in one of the dancers’ cage.

Wura Samba paired with Aleqs Notal, a French deejay to serenade the night with a house/garage/afrobeat combo as well ad numbers from Notal’s new album Felatronic.

Guests included Laurent Polenceaux, French Consul General, Lola Shoneyin, Writer and Director, Ake Festival, Hadiza El Rufai, author An Abundance of Scorpions, Akin of popbeachclub, Sophie Bouillon of AFP and many others.

Aurelien Sennacherib, the cultural attache who was involved in the logistics of inviting guests and putting the night together was a perspiring bundle of joy as he saw his exertions pay off.

Viva la musique!

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